We offer museum documentation on all artifacts and relics sold by us. Archaic era artifacts date back to 6000 B.C.E. In addition to a huge assortment of cultural artifacts, we also carry pieces of prehistoric amber, ancient fossils, and polished meteorite stones. Found 13 medieval artifacts for sale and sold. $9,198.80. These coins passed through many hands thousands of years ago. Add stunning Ancient Greek artifacts to your collection. CLICK HERE for more info! Ancient Artifacts. The various artifacts gathered from the site suggest that the city flourished thanks to some form of control over various gold mining operations in Southern Australia. The eras covered range from the Stone Age right through all of the major Ancient Civilisations and continuing right up to the 19th Century in a few cases. All money raised by the sale of artifacts helps to maintain the Gettysburg Museum of History. May 9, 2020 - Ancient Resource: Ancient Egyptian Artifacts for Sale Medieval Artifacts. Although it can be much more expensive, it is can also be more satisfying and even spiritually moving. $25 off every $100. "The ancient coastal archaeology is not lost for good; we just haven't found it yet. Head Of A Ruler Early Bronze Age. EXTREMELY RARE ANCIENT HORSEBACK NOMAD BRONZE TRIBAL CLAN BADGE PENDANT OF THE NEAR EAST *NE221. For over 19 years, Ancient Artifacts & Treasures Inc. has provided customers with a wide variety of special antiquities to add to their collection. When Shelby Anderson arrived to conduct an archaeological survey in 2013, she was astonished at what she found. Click on the item for more details. I am an enthusiastic collector of ancient coins. We carry only authentic ancient artifacts. Artemis Gallery takes great care in ensuring that each and every artifact we list for sale is from the culture and time period from which it is attributed. Share this: Twitter; The world’s largetst and most complete online selection of antiquities available online for sale. Collectors have been buying antiquities / ancient artifacts for thousands of years and it is a rewarding hobby and passion for people around the world today. Australian Aboriginal artefacts include a variety of cultural artefacts used by Aboriginal Australians for occupations such as hunting, warfare, food preparation and making music or art. Hundreds of ancient Aboriginal artefacts have been discovered off Western Australia's coast, prompting calls for stronger laws to protect underwater heritage. Own a treasure for your home or office. Shop our full selection of Greek artifacts today. Also make wonderful gifts. Hand Axes, points and more. At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. Fri. January 08, 2021 Site last updated on Tue. Page 1 . Bronze fixture from a horse harness or bit. AAA Antiquities for sale, Ancient Jewellery Jewelry for sale, Trinity Antiques Online gallery selling genuine affordable antiquities, and historical collectables, including Ancient Roman Medieval Greek Celtic Saxon Egyptian Viking Artefacts Iron age Bronze age coins gold silver bronze Artifacts for sale uk For more serious collectors, Native American art provides emotional context to history. Almost every one of the sites Anderson surveyed had been damaged by looters. Before purchasing any Indian artifacts… In W. Alaska, selling ancient artifacts excavated from private & public lands is a way of life. So what do we have that combines ancient voyagers with ancient aliens? shabtis and scarabs Funerary cones Images carved in stone in Austral, among other places, show hieroglyphs like those found in … Ancient Artifacts Bronze Age. FIND 1000s of Antiquities, Ancient Art and Artifacts, Vintage and Collectors items with their Price Guide. Check out our expansive ancient jewelry and coin offerings for compact collector's items and striking accessories made from lapis lazuli, carnelian and spun glass. Quick View. Buy Ancient Egyptian, Roman & Greek Artifacts | Buy Pre Columbian Pottery | Ancient Art for sale Our Guarantee Buy with confidence, shop with ease, and rest assured that all our objects are genuine ancient works of art, backed by our lifetime guarantee of authenticity. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. Antiquities for sale online. All have been authenticated by The Gettysburg Museum of History. All my Egyptian artifacts were legally exported from Egypt prior to the 1970 UNESCO treaty, and my policies comply with all international trade laws regarding antiquities. Just In: The perfect display frames for Viking Artifacts! Ancient JEWELLERY ANGLO SAXON BACTRIAN-MARGIANA Complex BONE ARTEFACTS BOOKS BRITISH BUCKLES AND BELT FITTINGS BYZANTINE CELTIC CHINESE Far East other than China CHRISTIAN MOTIFS CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEAS !!! Show. Michael Simens is a recognized authority on Antique Guns, Civil War and Antique Swords, Colt Revolvers, Winchester & Kentucky Rifles and Historical Artifacts. Aboriginal artifacts reveal first ancient underwater cultural sites in Australia by Flinders University Location maps of the study area and sites referenced in text. or Best Offer. Ancient resource began buying and selling ancient artifacts in the late 1990's, born from a lifelong passion for ancient history. Phone: 202 342 0518 or click to contact us £2250 $3036.38 €2491.43 A Medieval Romanesque Limestone Fragment. 3003 P St NW, Washington DC 20007. Authentic Ancient Viking Artifacts - Torc Necklace Bracelets Rings - Antiquities. Not only are they beautiful but also very affordable. Medieval Artifacts and Antiquities. All money raised by the sale of artifacts helps to maintain The Gettysburg Museum of History. Sands of Time Ancient Art . All antiques fully guaranteed, with lifetime certification of authenticity. Authentic Objects at Wholesale Prices. Artifacts from Ancient Man for Sale. The ancient cultures of Greece and Rome form part of the very soul of western identity. Ancient Artifacts > Medieval Artifacts. 100BC Authentic Ancient Roman MEDUSA GORGON likely for ARMOR Artifact i66776. January 05, 2021 16:11 GMT New items added to gallery on Tue. The coins on this website are from my personal collection. Ancient Artifacts, Other Historical Artifacts Deluxe Authentic Ancient Roman Artifact Collectors Box Set $ 79.95. Below are space artifacts and space collectibles that you can buy from Historic Space Systems. Helios Gallery - Antiquities for sale Helios Gallery specialises in the ethical sourcing of provenanced Egyptian, Classical and Mediterranean antiquities and adhere to responsible trading policies which protect the global archaeological heritage. See our wonderful new ever changing website. Browse FREE Antiquities & Ancient Artifacts Price/Value Guide. Ancient Artifacts of the past, from ancient Roman ,Greek and Egyptian Empires. Some artefacts have ceremonial uses, and are regarded as ritual or secret sacred objects Ancient artifacts, glyphs, and rock art depict ancient civilizations were curious people who visited parts of the world. COINS COPTIC CORINTHIAN CYPRIOT EGYPTIAN Amarna Amulets Bronzes FAIENCE other than amulets. Viking Europe. "These new discoveries are a first step toward exploring the last real frontier of Australian archaeology. Each coin is for sale as that allows me to rotate my collection and learn about new coins. These unearthed treasures include tools, measures, everyday wear including pendants and beads.