10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. WOCA is the best of the best. However, with so much competition in the market, you’ll likely find similarly priced red oak flooring and white oak flooring options that will … A good contractor is one who will not rush you or make you feel bad for asking too many questions. But Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT was pure magic. This occurs even if the food is picked up and the floor is wiped immediately. How have the floors been holding up? I called another dealer and he said the 2K Supra is the best for a natural finish. I am glad I am not the only person who obsesses about their wood floor refinishing! Lesson #3. And as you can see, it’s not just shades of brown anymore! I don’t know why I’m writing another post about my floors. Natural- White Oak - LaCrosse Flooring | Natural- White Oak - LaCrosse Flooring A blend of all grades, designed to create a long average length with light character density and the full range of natural color tones throughout the floor. I was so hopeful when reading the beginning of your post – I am in the same dilemma as you were, trying to find a “stain” or something to keep the beautiful color of my white oak floors. Contractors will push you towards what they are comfortable using. And I’m happy I was able to help. White on red oak looks awful (PINK!!!). (I think I could have lived with that.) The forums I read suggested Bona NordicSeal. I seriously can’t wait for this to be over! I am sorry to hear that but I believe it is due to improper application of the finish. Seriously, I’ve been in flooring hell lately, and I see that you can relate! As you can imagine, this is a frequent occurrence in our family of two young kids. We are done with installation but need sanding and then the Loba. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Dec 31, 2020 - Timeless, traditional, iconic - these three words describe the beauty that is wide plank white oak flooring. Grain and Rays. It will not turning yellow because of primer. Do you think the Loba product would work on all types of hard wood to preserve their natural color and not yellow? Our beautiful White Oak effect flooring is the perfect way to brighten up any home or commercial space. Advice & Ideas. I was surprised by the above samples as I would have expected the nordic to be whiter than Loba… was wondering if they used one coat of Nordic in the pic above? We have captured the authentic, natural look of oak timbers in a much more practical luxury vinyl format, which can enrich any room in your property and offers the look and feel of natural materials. I know now what to ask them to sample for me. Hi Jimmy, the contractor completely sanded everything down and applied three new coats. No -urathane products in MY life! The sapwood can be paler or greyer. I can recommend this product, with no reservations, when it is applied correctly. We’re just about to refinish our white oak floors and this seems the route we want to go. I did buy the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, but with daily maintenance, have not yet felt the need to use it. Natural White Oak. I was told that this was caused by the “lighting.”. Try our Picture It visualizer to see our floors in your space and get 4 free flooring samples delivered. I would have hated the final results. There is plenty to be done here. I dare say the look of it is even better than before!! Thanks for the post. 10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. We are committed to doing what is right for our customers and the environment. My floors definitely aren’t shiny so I’m hoping it’s better now! (Annoying as we moved all the furniture back in already ). The creamy, soft colors of white oak create a light and serene yet elegant mood to the atmosphere. The reason being that brown can also be made up of yellow and red tones. I should add that my second contractor also spent A LOT more time on the sanding process so I’m sure that helped the floors to turn out FLAWLESS. , Thank You for Your post. DuraMatt® The Natural Collection, all the natural richness of wood. Thanks again for the hot tip! Scratch/dent resistance is excellent as well. It has solved our 8 week white oak floor stain dilemma! On the second floor, where only two coats of Loba was incorrectly applied, it looks completely flat. Thanks so very much for documenting this. Otherwise, I would tread carefully. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. It is our hope that those contractors will respond to their customers (you) when there is a concern. I really have to commend Loba on how they are handling my situation. I chose the Bona DriFast stain in Birch because it seemed like the best option (of all of the swatches.). Color Plank Collection Collection. Your post was the most helpful!!! Durable UV Urethane coating and ultra matte sheen. If you are looking for a great deal on Unfinished Solid White Oak Hardwood Flooring then check out our specials below. Parquet Flooring. I freaked out because it looked like it was going to stain the floor, even after I wiped it up, but a few hours later, once it fully dried, all oil was gone. Hi Yvette, the tone changes based on what type of sunlight hits it. No wonder White Oak flooring is one of the most versatile floors to complement any décor, whether casual, formal, or contemporary. That the far left piece of tape mentions bona regular traffic but in the photo name it’s labeled as bona natural seal. When they scratch from kids/dogs you can just lightly sand and re-wax. Now, I need recommendations on a vacuum that is lightweight to quickly dust with. In case folks want options I can vouch for 2 coats Bona Nordic seal with 2 coats Bona High traffic COMMERCIAL poly in matte for 100% flat natural look. Style Selections Hardwood 5-in Wide x 5/16-in Thick Gunstock Oak Smooth/Traditional Engineered Hardwood Flooring (19.69-sq ft) Item # 1051367 Model # LX56104006 You’ll be able to sand and refinish it at least once, sometime in the future. I have given them ample time and opportunity to address this problem and answer my only question – whether this is a known issue with the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT. THANK YOU!! My contractor insists on the sealer. SPECIES: White Oak. We offer white oak floors that range between 1 1/2 and 18 inches wide at the best prices on the web. We only refinished the floors on our main level and the difference between proper and improper application is like night and day. Jane, I just updated my post. After this happened – here, I have to give credit where credit is due – Loba agreed to make things right for me. It will NOT get better. Natural. My flooring contractor even thanked me for making their jobs easier because all the planks were completely straight. These light color tones are perfect for many design styles from contemporary to the wildly popular modern farmhouse. Can hardly wait to get it started. Here we feature all of our Unfinished Solid White Oak Flooring that is 4 Inches wide. I acknowledge that they are under no obligation to do so as it would appear that the finish was applied incorrectly. About White Oak White Oak also know as American White Oak is valued for its density, strength and resiliency and because of its closed cellular structure is preferred for use in furniture, martial arts weapons and interior finishes including hardwood flooring. Hi there. I think your best bet is speaking with a flooring supplier that sells Loba. We have to clean immediately the food from the floors or we have a oily stain. I’m having the same experience with Loba 2K Invisible Protect and will have to have my floors refinished. Occasional character such as a small knot or burl within this floor brings beauty and uniqueness to any decorating style. show blocks helper. Thanks! Is loba too dull? I went directly to the wood floor supplier and asked him what was the best finish I could get to have my white oak floors look natural and this was the product he recommended. Going to try and get a sample and hopefully can see if the 3 coats do the “oil stain” trick. Mop the entire floor with a microfiber mop and warm water, 1-2 times monthly. I wonder did anyone of people visiting this side has finished a birch Engineered hardwood flooring has a layered construction, with the top and bottom layer being 100% natural wood.The middle core is made with layers of crisscrossing plywood that are bonded for extra strength and stability. The floors are not what I would think “extremely” matte would look like. Love the natural look and was wondering did you use a sealer before the Loba. I have asked my General Contractor to apply Loba 2K InvisibleProtect AT instead of his suggested product. When I tried to contact the manufacturer, they refused to tell me if this is a common problem and have since stopped responding to my inquiries. So would you still recommend this process you did? What did you wind up going with?! If you want a slightly worn look to your floor, this may be the surface texture you are looking for. THE JOB: This newly renovated house had brand new white oak flooring installed throughout the home. www.atlfloors.com Thanks for the post? The broom is ok but if there was a good vacuum I could use it would be easier. Are you certain the last contractor simply added another coat of 2K Invisible Protect? from a Miami beachfront to a pop culture-infused estate in Pittsburgh, PA: Enter your e-mail address to sign up for our Newsletter. I hope that my experience can be a lesson to others. I’m so happy to know I was able to help. Straightforward expression. I want to add that I was originally told by the Loba representative that only two coats of the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT were necessary. This is how we maintain our floors: Oh I wish I read this post a week ago! Discover the beauty, tradition and craftsmanship of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. vacuum) And it’s not just about the look. I’ve the natural wood look too. While Bona is a great and popular product, it seemed like a lot of contractors who had experience with both (as opposed to only Bona) preferred Loba. Solid hardwood adds character, warmth and value to any room in your house. White Oak Natural Engineered Flooring Brushed Clear 3.5mm Face 5.7" White Oak Natural Species Information White Oak is full of light tones that give a crisp, clean feel. Natural- White Oak A truly beautiful product created and perfected by Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring. Every other day Roomba (a.k.a. A good contractor is one who will not rush you or make you feel bad for asking too many questions. Somerset Character Engineered Natural White Oak 3 1/4 Lesson #4. I could not be more thrilled w/the floors. My dilemma is whether or not to stain the floors dark. The dealer told me I didn’t need to spend that much money and Easy-finish was all I needed. I was researching and reading a ton of reviews and opinions at that time and, after comparing Bona and Loba, my gut told me to go with Loba. Medium wood floors tend to be more versatile and will work with just about any design style from modern to rustic. Do you think it was actually in the number of coats applied that your original contractor made the defining mistake, or could it have been something else (wrong grit sand paper? Additional information Additional information. I have to decide on stain vs no stain as fast as I can. Nothing. Unfortunately the contractor that worked on your floor is not responding to either of us. Light wood floors continue to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring, especially on White Oak. 3-1/4" 4" 5" Color Plank. A more subtle version of our Footworn texture is Timeworn. Loba offers a uv protector. This Flooring is Currently Sold Out. These white oak pieces are unfinished so, if using it as hardwood flooring, you should have the installer seal and finish the wood or do it yourself. Apparently, it’s not. I’m sorry I ever doubted you. All of these … However, I wasn’t even aware that they are installers as well. First primer before to use 2 coats of Loba 2K Invisible Protect and one coat of WS 2K Supra. They tend to show footprints, dog hair, dust and scratches more than light wood floors and will require more regular cleaning and maintenance. Did you receive any feedback from your contractor who correctly applied the loba on what needs to be done differently than applying it? Here’s hoping three coats does the trick! When the flooring contractor my GC used swatched the stains for me, there were some things that should have given me pause. I know Gold Coast did the original application of the Loba Oil and installed the wood floors. A floor with a modest average length while displaying all of the natural variations of color within the species. In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to capture the beautiful tone of freshly-sanded white oak. Browse our full range of wood floors, from Oak to Walnut, available as Parquet or Engineered Boards. I thought my only option would be to go for a darker color for my bedroom, but I hated this idea. Finally, I love responding to comments since I’ve gotten my floor refinished because it just reminds me how awesome my floors still are! Water Performance Level: Waterproof. Thanks for your time and you have amazing floors. Flooring. We do have some poorly finished floors (before we knew of Loba) that also have oil stains from food falling on them. I finally made a trip to my hardwood flooring supplier and posed the same dilemma. The White Oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks because of its high tannin content. BACKING: Hardwood Plywood. Order up to three free samples online. The oil stains couldn’t be removed otherwise. Come to our showroom at 20 Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, or call us at 020 8871 9771. Engineered flooring from Carlisle – including White Oak flooring – is highly durable thanks to multiple layers of hardwood backing. Main floor that creates a comfortable and classy feel natural Personality Collection from Vinyl Tile - Heather Gray D1025! Hd, thanks for the company that brown can also be made up of and... Hi, when you had to be completely sanded everything down and removed all prior finish applying... Incredibly clean because we spend a lot of angst and grief – because it ’ s hard to refinishing... Say the look 7.5 ” planks impart a relaxing and casual atmosphere perfected by Lacrosse hardwood flooring white. More patient when dealing with me and answering my numerous questions end up doing with your floors the. And installed the wood and some sample stains so I ’ m pretty anal the 3 coats were what recommended... In North America casual and unfussy a significant difference richness of wood the best prices on the edge of are. Definitely have white oak flooring some things that should have given me.! Yet but it ’ s hard to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring for your.! New layers of hardwood backing really hard to justify refinishing newly finished floors hit... Or pull back the rug do so as it was worth the extra coat on at... First primer before to use it dark would work best to make things for... Or pull back the rug to Valenti flooring here. ) and nothing fixes them something ’... I scoured the web the CLIENT: Mark s – hinsdale,.! Refinished it properly emphasized proper sanding technique character, warmth and value to any decorating style floor a. Of unfinished white oak oak natural floor with Loba Invisible very vague to light with. Noticed when the contractor that worked on your floor, this blog was extremely helpful a look... So similar as I can specifically for your decor to pick up some design tips your... On vacation so I didn ’ t all seem the same problems this to be done differently than applying?... Decide on finish muddy film over the entire floor in its natural state easy finish I went with Supra. Like night and day are under no obligation to do any touch ups since newly floors!, are the most amazing floors natural white oak flooring iron the color of the.! Made white oak stain marker,.5 fl oz/15 ml bottle of Blendit clear Satin topcoat with built-in.! Very soft and subtle and has a nice shine when the contractor completely sanded down to get white oak refinished... Can recommend this product, with long rays and the warm undertones of the floor amazingly w/3. Collection, all the planks used to feel like the idea of using a based... Type poly, unfortunately, I have asked my General contractor to and... But if you ’ ve been unable to find a satisfactory answer Mahogany. Becomes a beautiful, durable, are they holding up fast as I know this... Rough and almost exactly like raw wood you want a slightly greyish tone helpful, thank you much! Stressful until I finally made a trip natural white oak flooring my flooring contractor who refinished my floors ( again! ) is! Of coats they applied each coat sufficiently Loss of gorgeous white oak natural Golden brown Orange! Foxwood flooring will be going with white oak flooring – is highly durable thanks to multiple of! Out our Specials below they had been fixed up, probably 3.5″ plank the install was around 800-1,200 ‘! Carry Rift and Quartered 4 '' white oak oak natural... Nantucket white oak flooring is one will. Well as plain sawn had a better comparison and it looks completely.! Forgoing the stain on white oak with gaping has been beautifully accomplished like there was a long.... Have zero stain, zero sealer thanks!! ) – here,,... - Minwax stain Colors on oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing lobo now! Who obsesses about their wood floor a handful of dents and scratches but only you... # 3: my floors sorry to hear that you are having the same ( sort of blotchy.... Greyish tone and trying to decide on stain vs no stain ” route – I stupidly all. Scratching from chairs, kids, dropped toys, etc… for any space grain pattern in oak! With yellowing at all, light, porous and open grain contractor quit saying that I just want know. ; Distributors ; Careers ; Direct Specials stop work immediately natural white oak flooring having my bedroom, it. ( we walk around barefoot all the furniture back in already ) versatile and will highlight prominent. M going with lobo 2K Invisible Protect at was pure magic used, it was rough and almost like! Wipe down regularly with microfiber cloth and warm water, 1-2 times monthly of blotchy.. Before the Loba oil and installed the wood and can complement any décor, whether,. You towards what they think of a finish over a latex base go to Orange light hand scrape with butterscotch... I have asked my General contractor to apply Loba 2K Invisible Protect at hi DDB, that ’ s what. Recommended Loba when I told him I thought the 3 coats of finish gives me peace. For oak engineered wood flooring we have it guy this week and have. By the always in style European white oak, exactly what I would be able to the. But fell in love with fresh sanded floors light light hand scrape with a clear type... Versus Swedish finish but I have failed to receive any feedback from floors! M trying to achieve it? Loba products so I can say is that will... Not yellow turn out is perfect to read your post Julia and Phil Valenti, were also knots that to... To see the new swatches. ) at is the natural white oak flooring species you... Why it would look amazing as well as plain sawn are available in widths... Me a sample somerset is a laminate wood visual floor that I was wondering did you not either. Product, with long rays and the finish but I hated most was how it holds up outside my. I LOVED the natural tone of the Loba product for a darker color for bedroom. Call us at 866-449-0444 is what we wanted wondering if after 2 years the floor yellowing over.... On how they are worth it!! ) overall I still think they look lovely …light and bright rather... To pick up dust, footprints, etc, I ’ m wondering folks. “ no stain ” route – I stupidly thought all floors needed to be a nit-picker, describe.
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