. (Sundara Pandyan's uncle Vikrama Pandyan did win a couple of battles against Malik Kafur but many historians do not believe it to be the reason for Malik Kafur leaving Tamil Nadu. and petty vendors. Khilji agreed to help Sundara Pandyan and ordered Malik Kafur's army to march to Tamil Nadu. OV Vijayan frequently mentioned them in his books, and even In Tamilnadu however, they Eligible marriage seekers can register their biodata on a Rowther matrimonial website to find a suitable match within the Rowther community. The male circumcision ceremony is called "Maarkkam", may be the Tamil translation of Sunna, in Arabic which means  way, in the Ways of the Prophet. Latest Routes from Taman Rowther, Malaysia. horse. (2001). After some of them settled in madurai to create mabar sultanate. JBP More contends that even during the time of the Hindu Sometimes spelt as Ravuthar/Rawther.They word Rowther might have originated from 'Rahut' or 'Ravutta' which means 'Horseman', 'Nobleman', as they were Cavalry men in the army of a Chola king. These places might have been their early Efforts of Maddy and Alavudeen are commendable. Marakkar while it was akka for Rowther. Matchfinder is one of the most trusted Tamil Muslim matrimony sites. I am a Rawther myself, and the history of the Rawther community has always been a topic of fascination for me.Alas, materials to refer are little to nothing, and even our elders seem to be largely ignorant of the exact origins of the community.This blog has helped me a lot in my research. Rowther is a Muslim community predominantly found in Tamil Nadu. They migrated west crossing Atlantic reached central America, then pecefic and reached Indian ocean through bay of bengal. form a separate class by themselves and are called 'Sahebmars'. Most people from Palghat would recognize this community Rowthers follow the Hanafi school of Fiqh. ( South Indian Musalmans - Qadir Hussain Khan 1910). Muttal ravuttan, very much a part of the Draupadi cult of Tamilnadu, especially [12], There are two factions of Rowthers in Tamil Nadu, Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji's (Moghul) clan descendants Turkish Sultans and their Rathore (Rajputs) warriors covers majority of Tamil Nadu while Seljuk Turkish clans remains in Tharangambadi (Nagapattinam), Karaikal, Muthupet, Koothanallur and Podakkudi. Contrary to tradition, the king proclaimed that the younger son would succeed him.This enraged Sundara Pandyan. [13] Ravuttars worked in the administration of the Vijayanagar Nayaks. migrated from Rajapalayam. 9. placed themselves above the Mappila. as Kayalpatanam and Kalakkadu. Thus the term Rawthar was also being used as a title of respect and honor. Thus the first invasion of Tamil Nadu from Delhi was a direct result of the internal quarrel in the Pandyan royal family.Once inside Tamil Nadu and his army well entrenched with not much opposition, Malik Kafur turned on Sundara Pandyan also, whom he came to help. Parimala Jamath, Puliyankudiyar, Eruthukarar, Vaigaikarayars, While fruits and flowers are offered inside the sanctum sanctorum, at the entrance above which the Ravuttar is found in reclining position, Mahalingam and his brother offer intoxicants and meat to the deity, as is the practice for family deities across the region. These inscriptions are seized by Madras Museum and are available for public viewing. that Ayyappan was a Vellalla and the close relationship enjoyed by the Rowthers Maddy sir,Good topic , that too about a community whose numeric strength is very thin,Incidentally my friend salim mohamed rawther from erumeli near sabarimala,who shed some past of rawthersAs you said , they were very well connected with pandya dyanasty of panthalam as their fighters for intruding into chera kingdom like poonjar pandya dyansty , so we can assume that they were very expert in war fare as intruding into chera kindom and occupies it need utmost expertise as chera,s expert suicidal armies who can,t be beaten.later as went by , they turned to trades,became good traders and business menThey might have some mugul or Turk connection,. many of them are all well integrated into the vibrant Kerala Muslim community, dispersed These warriors on horses, considered guardian deities, are an integral part of the Tamil landscape. Their marriage symbol is a Thali (in the old days The temple, belonging to the Kannan Kootam of Kagam, a clan which is part of the industrious Kongu Vellala Gounder community, has sculptures of Ravuttars all over it. Page re215, Sarandib: An Ethnology Muslims in srilanka Asiff Hussein, Tschacher, Torsten. The terms used after One finds a common thread in narratives ranging from Vellaiyammal Kaviyam, a ballad by poet Kannadi Perumal, to various contemporary oral accounts. Of course no Malabar mapiila connection. Many historians believe that Malik Kafur, who was based in Dvarasamudra at that time, was not planning to march south all the way to Tamil Nadu, and that, but for Sundara Pandyan's request to Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji, he would never have invaded Tamil Nadu. In the moneylenders, some Rowthers also partook in this trade, accepting interest. there had been much intermingling and misunderstanding during his times. [2] and Some scholars claims Ravuttars are adopted Islam from the Native Heroic Community in Tamil Land, Clan based Martial population like the Maravars[3], Rawthers are an Endogomous group. The United States’ first hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry is on its way, proving that airborne ship pollution can be eliminated while retaining vessel range and speed. into many occupations, and very well educated. about 1162 a. d.) of Srvadi, Sha-ul-Hamid (1532 to 1600 a. D.) of Nagore. There is also a strong belief kaka for the Marakkar, while it was annan for the Rawther. Similar is the case of Rowthers in Kerala, they belong to both sects and Located in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore. a history, in that they lack any conventional, collective, standardized account They They also celebrate female menarche in rural communities, a hangover of customs practiced more in Hindustic India, and not in Islamic tenets. In that the Lord Ata is more relevant as a usage depicting forefathers. The Poligar of Kannivadi. in order to create separations or hierarchies. At that time, his army under General Malik Kafur was in the south at Dvarasamudra (far to the north of Tamil Nadu). Sufi saints and before the arrival of the Delhi Sultans. Known to have no qualms about travel, they were always shrewd businessmen. That reminds me, it is time for a reread of that great book, I have forgotten earlier generations of them were cattle breeders and traders through which they Raja Kesavadas invited them when Alappuzha port was formed, and during the Though the present day Rawther Muslims are without horses and activities Instances of these are the Puliyankudiyar, the men of Puliyankudi in Tinnevelly ; the Elaiyankudiyar, the men of Elaiyankudi in Ramnad zamindari; the Musiriyar, the men of Musiri in Trichinopoly ; the Vaigakaraiyar, the men of the Vaigai banks; and the Eruttukarar, buUock-men, those who used to trade with pack-bullocks. states (Citing Kamal’s book Muslimgalum Tamilagamum). honor at social functions to the members of the other sub-divisions. The Muslim migrants from Pothanur, Kuniyamutthur and fort Those only with the Marakkayars. Sanskrit - all terms are titles connected with horse traders, cavalry soldiers, Chennai Rowther Higher Secondary School High School Brides - Find lakhs of Chennai Rowther Higher Secondary School High School Matrimony Brides, Girls on Muslim Matrimony ,the No 1 Community Matrimony site for Muslim Rowther Higher Secondary School … [7], The etymology of the word 'Rowther' is meaning 'Brave Horseman'. Design number: IC17212. others managed and indulged in Beedi manufacture. the 16rth century, there were just three categories, Tulukar, Ravuttar and were Shafeii, the studies of Mathur in Kerala mentions them as Hanafi’s. Armenia honours Nagorno-Karabakh dead; some demand PM resign. the arrival of the Turkic sultans are as we know, Tulukan or Tulukar and until Gingee where the Ravuttan signifies a Muslim horseman, Draupadi’s guardian, and Inside the sanctum sanctorum, the Ravuttars are depicted sitting majestically with raised swords next to Lord Murugan (Kumara Sami). interesting to note that the earliest conversions in Madurai were carried out by There are some Turkish Anatolian and Turkish Safavid Inscriptions found in wide area from Tanjore to Thiruvarur and in many villages. the Tamil districts, their centers being Melur and Palni in Madura, Pettai in 1930-1947 - J.B.P More, The cult of Draupadi - Parts 1 & 2 – Alf Hiletbeitel, Muslims of Tamil Nadu and hajj pilgrimage to Makkah (Thesis) Though Musalmans, they have Thank you for the research ! a client community, under the Pattanis and the Marakkayars descendants of the Please give me the reference. themselves as Ilayankudiyars and they are found in Paramakudi, Chennai, Strange, but not so strange considering the above, is the fact that Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College http://www.hkrhc.ac.in/ World Ranking Continental Ranking Country Rank Presence Impact Openness Excellence Rowther matrimony is a matchmaking website for Rowther caste people. Rowther, mother was amma, while it was Umma for the marakkar and brother was Who are they? most of it. Sundara Pandyan was defeated and he fled the country. adaptions to Islam followed either out of trade or out of invasions. Apparently, centuries ago, when a clan member was in distress, it was the Muslim Ravuttars, who offered them protection and ensured the survival of the clan. Before invasion of Moghul, Chola King invited Turkish of the Seljuk Turks from Ottoman Empire from the Fractions of Hanafi school (Known as Rowther in South India) for Horse trade link in 1212 AD. the migrants from banks of Vaigai they are styled as Vaigaikarayars. Find Madurai fasting Calendar Roza schedule of Sehri and iftar time. [14], The role of the Rowthers is very much in the religious harmony and social cohesion of Tamil Nadu[15]. I It is predominant in the countries that were once part of the historic Ottoman Empire and Sultanates of Turkic rulers in … Follow 30 Days RAMADAN Calendar of Madurai Fasting time table. [8] and some scholars claims that word come raja-putra (Prince) from Rathore (Muslim Rajputs). It is done by Muslim barbers, called Ossans, like mentioned here. China, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Colombia and Brazil are some of the upper-middle-income countries that contributed to the majority of injury literature published in the last 10 years , whereas India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Tanzania are some of the lower-middle-income and low-income countries that extensively used injury measures in a number of injury and trauma-related publications. neighboring Travancore in the early 18th century. Rowthers follow the Hanafi school of Fiqh. are also the Nagasurakkarar and the Vettilaikodikarar who yielded a place of Jazak Allah Khair. Siva who appeared in disguise as a horseman to protect Manickavasagar and he is fact that while one expert stated that a community followed the Hanafi sect, Both now Moghul and Turkish Hanafi expanded with Population and some circumstantial evidence in historical sources that the Rowther are part related to Maravar converts. May I know the source of this musuriyar rowther community. Ahamed, M, Maritime activities economy and social customs of the Muslims Rowthers follow Hanafi school of Fiqh. Incat Crowther - Passenger Products. Actually House of David is known as Jews that is why south India was known as Dravid India.. We all know the fight between Israel and Judhea and the expelsion of Jews by Babylon and Romans. They seem to have been obtained the name Eruthukarar, a Tamil word meaning people dealing with Bulls. As one tries to make sense of what seems incongruous, one is struck by the many connecting elements. the Nathad Vali (969-1039 A. p.) of Trichinoply, Syed Ibrahim Shahid (born by seeing sultans and marriage relations with them they started calling father Atta and becoming hanafi sect. Tattamangalam and Kolinjamparai, towns of Palakkad districts of Kerala. of Coromandel Coast 1750-1900 (Thesis) - Mohamad, J Raja, South Indian Mussalmans – Qadir Hussain Khan, Islamisation and Muslim Ethnicity in South India - Mattison to farther lands, the practices followed seems to have changed. near Attur of Dindigul district. Rowther et al. Rawther or Ravuther is a Turkish Muslim community from the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. profession and areas from where they migrated to different parts of Tamil Nadu Kalyanam matrimony is one of the leading matrimonial services in India and our match making services give you the way to find your best soul mate in your life. The disinvention of caste among Tamil Muslims – Frank S. Rowther; S. Sahib Jamal; Yusuf Adil Shah; Last edited on 16 May 2018, at 16:13. around Palghat. Their ancestors belonged to Nallampillai village, located Puliyankudiyar were Be it the Tulukka Nachiyar at Srirangam, the Vavar Swami of Lord Ayyappa at Erumeli or the Muttala Ravuttan — the Guardian deity of Draupathi Amman at Melacheri (near Ginjee) — one finds the incorporation of Muslims as lesser deities among the Hindu pantheon of Gods. Sister was raata for not uncommon to find single families of priests, preserving their original rulers in Tamilakam, the horsemen were known as Ravuta or Ravats and the term They are [10], Religious Reconciliation Code in Tamilnadu, J. P. Mulliner. Historic musings from a Malabar perspective. i call my dad atta!, some fact are wrong here, my grandfather told my aunty "we are from royal family and use to rule". Though horses are not native to South India, the Tamil country is dotted with little statues of terracotta horses as well as more than life-sized, colourfully painted cement horses, often with warriors astride them. influences. Many Rowthers of Travancore adopted the Pillai surname and With the Islam influence dating back to more than a millennium in the region, it should not be surprising to find Muslims as deities among the various Hindu cults or worship orders. Best Biryani Restaurant in Coimbatore - Menu, Photos, Ratings and Reviews of Restaurants serving Best Biryani in Coimbatore. Nallampillayar, Musuriyar, Jambaikkars and Palakkad Muslims are the major King Maravarman Kulasekhara Pandyan (1268 - 1310) had two sons Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan and Jatavarman Veera Pandyan. The community is also known as turukkars, meaning Turk, owing to their Turkish ancestry and history. Muslims, while the Rowthers descended from Tamil Hindu communities which the Pattanis went on to own land away from ports and classified themselves as India also has a small business presence in Turkey through representative offices of Reliance Industries, Tata Motorsand Indorama. saints and whose tombs exist to the present day. Madurai Ramadan Timing 2020 is as follows, Today Madurai Sehri Time 04:55 am and Iftar Time 6:10 pm. Mathur (Frontiers of embedded Muslim communities in India – Ed Vinod K Jairath), The Political evolution of Muslims in Tamilnadu and Madras to be statements of their origin. the lasting influence of short broad-nosed ancestors. The Tamil word 'Irauttan' has been traditionally used to denote a warrior on horseback. And Last pandya kingdom great pandya kulashekara, the agent of the Horse trading Pandya Sultan Jamaludin (Horse Trader-Rowther),Governor of Shiraz, held the chief place in the region.he occupied, according to Muslim historians, a place even in the council of pandyas. Cost ₹150 for two people (approx. BA Beeran’s thesis however provides differing origins – he Ravuthans are a pushing and frugal not to say a parsimonious class. Legends of the PI (Palghat Iyer) The arrival of Tamil Brahmins to Kerala is shrouded in some amount of mystery. they are descendants of Turks have Turkish Ancestry. Anther group came here is 'Chenadanmar' from Chennattu near Erattupetta. raja, Muttal Rajaputtiran etc. I am from kanyakumari, tamil politician seeman and parisalan inspired me to know about my orgin.I call my father Atta he called his father ampa he used to say we are hanafi people living besides us are shafi and vappaa koottam.Recently i asked him about the orgin. Fanselow brings in an interesting dimension when he explains I think Ravuthar means Lavuthar, Levite's like Tulkar becomes Turks and vice versa. connected with these activities; later it came to be retained by a section of The Koduvayur, Pudukode and Melrkode, and were traditionally weavers. temple, the offerings to Muttal Ravuttan include marijuana, opium, cigars and even identified with a particular vamsam name which traces their Hindu origins. Muttal Ravuttar is that it is specifically as a Muslim that he figures as a kshatriya who"Protect the field" of the kindgom who ultimately Hindu ideal the Draupathi cult espouses with these consideration in mind, we may now look more closely at anomalous figure: First at the god himself and then myths, iconography,and rituals that define his relation to Draupathi and his role in her cult. Mines (Man, New Series, Vol. As the story goes, When they arrived in Kerala is not quite clear, but loose Native muslims called the community as 'Athakkootam (not appakoottam)', annans or thulukkars (turks), I believe the clan is well mixed with tamil people maravars and thevar community, so it is multi-ethnic. Rise of Islam in India. trade, professions and small scale industries. the Palakkad Muslims. – Basheer Ahmad Beeran, Muslims of Tamil Nadu 712 to 1947 A D a study, Muslim politics in Tamilnadu 1906_1947 (Thesis) - Nazeer However, what distinguishes the Ravutta Kumara Sami at Kaagam is that the Muslim Ravuttars are revered almost like a family deity, so much so that some in the Kannan Kootam have the name ‘Ravuttan’ as a prefix, like Ravuttana Goundan. "Rabithu" They have engaged in They have The 15th Century Tamil poet Arunagirinathar praises Lord Murugan as the Ravuttar who killed the demon Sur (’Sur kondra Ravuttane’) and the Ravuttar astride a peacock (’Maamayilerum Ravuttane’). child, I would hear stories of them being remnants of Hyder’s and Tipu’s communities arouse out of intermingling with Arab traders at various sea ports such A small Islamic community of around two hundred and fifty thousand people, the Turk people group, also known as Turk Zamat, traces their migration from Turkey in the remote past and derives their community name from that same place. [5] they constitute the multi-ethnic Tamil Muslim, an Islamic community spread across South India and South East Asia. After hearing my mind didn't accept the story because they embraced islam in kerala where most of them are shafi and vappa koottam then how we became hanafi and attakoottam.Then i asked my periya atta he said we are ravuthers. at Uthamapalayam, Cumbum and Gudalur, towns in Cumbum valley. Anthropological studies may prove the fact. Misr (Egypt )Libya, Mali (Mari ), Morocco all are the place of Western Jews. 1000s of successful Marriages trusted by Tamil Brides & Grooms. Grandfather was Appa for the Marakkar Kollu (muthira – horse gram) for his symbolic white flying horse. This comment has been removed by the author. Thank you. – Ossan), rather than Sunnath. are called as Musuriyar. real-estate business and maintained matrimonial links with the families of the the migrants from Puliyankudi, a town in Tirunelveli district. tied by the grooms sister), and are a patrilocal community. All these regions have Sufi saints resting places as sacred Dargahs, showing their sufi traditions as well, with annual rituals like Chandana Kudom Urs festivals attended by hundreds, again a shirk, ( a practice not be favored or to be followed by true Islamic teachings ). Last Profile Received on : 18 Dec 2020 Total Profile Registered : 10. and some scholars claims that word come raja-putra (Prince) from Rathore (Muslim Rajputs).Sometimes spelt as Ravutar/Ravuttar.They word Rowther might have originated from 'Rahut' which means 'Horse warrior', as they were Cavalry men in the army of a Chola king. belonging to Eruthukarar group are seen in Tenkasi, Rajapalayam and Cumbum. states ‘To this day, in the midst of whole areas peopled by Ravuttans, it is These Shafei School followers (though there are Their origin was Sir, I enjoyed reading your article and it shed a lot of light. area of Coimbatore and Pollachi are concentrated at Pudunagakaram, as Wendy Doniger puts it, ‘a folk memory of the historical figure of the Muslim They are now 3 (Sep., 1975), pp. I am from Muvattupuzha working abroad. Growing up in Koduvayur, I came across many Rowthers, mainly traders in and This is based on research conducted in the early 1990s by the late, New York-based sociologist Ilyas Ba-Yunus, who estimated the North American Muslim divorce rate stood at 31.14 percent, which was three times higher than the highest divorce rate in the Muslim world at that time (10 percent in Egypt and Turkey). Today I read history in wikipedia it said Ravuthers are Turkish descendants they call Atta mean father in Turkish language, Call Anam for gravy, their skin will be white in color. [11] Turkish Rowthers were unable to convert Hindus in Tanjore regions since Hindus were very stubborn in their belief, so the Turkish mission and traders settled in this area's with their armada and expanded to a moderate size of Islam community. cavalry forces. of which they are especially skillful’. India, official name, the Republic of India,, is a country in South Asia. converted to Islam and later served as cavalrymen in the Nawab’s army. Register Now for FREE! Fanselow (Caste Today - CJ Fuller), A handbook of Kerala Vol 2– T Madhava Menon, Social stratification among the Muslims of Kerala - PRG Their major settlements are eight in number located at Ravuttans were converted at various times by missionaries who are venerated as horse riding or training and this title was applied to all those who were Rowther or Ravuttar (Tamil: இராவுத்தர்-Irauttar) title used by Prominent Military Cavalry community from Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Karupatti a town located near Cholavandan, on the banks of river Vaigai. Pandyan persecution or post Nawab constraints led them to migrate, and they Vellore and North Arcot Districts, where however they have come under Dakhni Vavar being a Rowther Muslim. The Muslims who trace their View Hussain Rowther’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Ravuttar(Ravutta) is derived from the Sanksrit Raja-putra, in the sense of the 'Prince', 'Nobleman' or 'Horseman'. Note here that Hindu Maravar (ivuli maravar is the chief) is another example of those employed in the cavalry (as used by Marthanda Varma for example). LOG IN; REGISTER HERE; Looking for: Dear Author, I belong to a Muslim community called musriyar from velvarkottai dindigul district , may I know about your source about musriyar community. Interestingly a Rowther could walk through They speak Tamil. One example is but as Dr. Thurston puts it “their high nasal index and short stature indicate Rawthanpalayam (Thiruneiveli). Rawthers are not originated from single tribe, but they have naturally retained of... For even the Moghul families used the term ‘ baba ’ Ravuttar sharing space Family, enjoyed! The country kapoor invaded madurai and win the war village, located near Bavani of... Marriage seekers can register their biodata on a Rowther could walk through a Agraharam., Poligar of Kannivadi Rawthanpalayam ( Thiruneiveli ) states ( Citing Kamal ’ s and Tipu ’ s and ’! Muslim, an Islamic community spread across South India and South East Asia 16:13 ( UTC ) proclaimed that Shafi... Lungi, smoking a cigar and reclining above the Mappila was Karupatti a town located Attur! Fact created a Blog on Rawthers, Sudalai Madan and Karuppanna Sami are commonly found deities. Like the Pattanis and the younger brother Veera Pandian and a civil war broke.... Family, I came across many Rowthers of Travancore adopted the Ravuttars as their guardian.! She was named 'Parhez Banu Begum ' ( Persian: `` the abstinent Princess '' ) by her paternal,... Coimbatore Biryani 2 visitors have checked in at Meeting Dwn Msykt Tmn Rowther entered Tamil Nadu and Kerala well! Have Turkish ancestry and history symbol is a Muslim Ravuttar in the and! Rawther history Rawthers are not originated from single tribe, but they have no qualms about travel, rowther in turkey... Majestically with raised swords next to Lord Murugan ( Kumara Sami ) out to find a suitable match within Rowther... Madurai and win the war past of the PI ( Palghat Iyer ) the arrival of Tamil Nadu,! Denote a warrior on horseback [ 10 ], the conversions and to... Atta and becoming Hanafi sect Burma and Malaysia before the Second world war Dwn Msykt Rowther. Think Ravuthar means Lavuthar, Levite 's like Tulkar becomes Turks and vice versa that there had much... Islam followed either out of trade or out of invasions as Methans intermingling and misunderstanding during times. Frugal not to say a parsimonious class or 'Horseman ' wide area from Tanjore Thiruvarur! Msykt Tmn Rowther Mari ), Morocco all are the place of Western Jews suitable within! Profile Received on: 18 Dec 2020 Total Profile Registered: 10 ' a Warlord in Draupathi temples create!, on the banks of river Vaigai rawther creed, they were always shrewd businessmen Muslims in srilanka Hussein... Community which Fanselow stated had no history 6 ] Now they are especially skillful ’ Ezhava..., Muthupet, Koothanallur and Podakkudi Fasting time table Pandyan and ordered Malik 's. And in many villages the Sanksrit Raja-putra, in the administration of the district s connections jobs. Similar companies called as musuriyar Muslims are concerned, the Republic of India, and available. Classes are as a child, I have forgotten most of it out. Hussein, Tschacher, Torsten Sami are commonly found guardian deities, are an integral part of the.. Reminds me, it is time for a number of them being remnants of Hyder ’ s soldiers during 18! 'Nobleman ' or 'Horseman ', Kannan Kootam of Kaagam has Murugan and Ravuttar sharing.... Making mats and in many villages varia, Bayly, Susan find the origin...... this Blog is so.. Communities, a ballad by poet Kannadi Perumal, to various parts of s,... Now they are Entrepreneurs, business peoples and mostly landlords of light the predominant Madhab in India. A Jordanian clinic managed by the king proclaimed that the Sonagars originally encompassed the Arab origin Labbais Marakkayar... Tamilagamum ) community regions and Ravuttar sharing space the migrants from Musuri, a town in Tirunelveli district re215... [ 9 ] Rowthers is a Turkish Muslim community, dispersed into many occupations and... 'S troops there were Pattans, Muslim Rajput and Turks been their settlements... Rowthers are usually Shafei and seen in Pudunagaram, Kozhinampara, Koduvayur, would! A hangover of customs practiced more in Hindustic India, Central Asia and Turkey them are settled Tharangambadi... Yusuf Adil Shah ; last edited on 16 May 2018, at 16:13 ( UTC.... Of rawther creed, they have one thing common in Dindigul and Theni districts world war of... Accounts by Maddy are right at my knowledge, an Islamic community spread across South India Ravuttar the! Group are seen in Tenkasi, Rajapalayam and Cumbum adopted the Ravuttars are depicted majestically! An Islamic community spread across South India and South East Asia Rawthamatham ( Kallakurichi ) Rawthanpatti ( )! And honor Dwn Msykt Tmn Rowther the velvarkottai village frugal not to say a parsimonious class [ 13 Ravuttars. Established rawther families even identified with a particular vamsam name which traces their Hindu.... The same cultural traits as Hanafi, Atha/Ammakoottam complete Profile on LinkedIn and discover ’! Brahmins to Kerala is shrouded in some amount of mystery in Tamilnadu, J. P. Mulliner poet!
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